Welcome to my "Figures" page! This is where you can find more detailed shots of some of my figure vingettes.

Peleliu Flame Team

Peleliu Flame Team
A little weekend project.

Guadalcanal, 1942

Guadalcanal, 1942
Tense patrol of the out lying hills near Henderson field, 1942.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1/16 S&T Tanker

M3 submachine gun

Helmet detail..this was fun to do!

Completed figure

After final blending, (and more after I took these) and touch up. With a bit of Mig Pigments to really give it a bit of realism.

Rough shading of jacket

Completed face and helmet, before Pigments

At his point I had become so consumed with dong the figure I spaced out taking pictures.
As you can see I have completed the face, and have begun the base coating and shading the rest of the body.

Pre-shadow facial features

When doing a figure I usually start off with the face. I stat with basic shading of the features then the eyes, then final highlight and detail.

S&T figure, built and base coated

After a coat of Primer, I used Plasti-coat sandable, I then covered the figure in a base coat of Tamiya "Buff".